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BODHI (boh-dee): In Buddhism, is the understanding possessed by a Buddha regarding the true nature of things. It is traditionally translated into English with the word ‘enlightenment,’ the closer literal meaning ‘awakening’.


Our Belief & Mission

Our Company mission is to bring awareness back to the mindfulness of the true meaning of life. Through honoring Love and Respect of ourselves and others.

This day in age everything is ruled by technology, our lives are run by social media, television, and the internet in general. So much so that most of us don’t even recognize the impact it has on our daily lives. The biggest and simplest challenge we can all do is step away from it. Whether for simply a day or a week, stop all technology and see how many times you reach for your phone, or computer; to check your Facebook, Instagram, twitter, Snapchat, email, etc. I think you’ll be amazed at how often you do it and may not even be aware until now. I ask for you to do this simple challenge to bring the awareness to you, because that is the first step in change.


As a company we also want to bring awareness to the fact that beauty is not something we are physically. It is who we are inside our souls which makes us beautiful. It’s so easy to become consumed in feeling as though we need to keep changing our appearance through drastic measures of surgeries and procedures that alter who we are. I am not condemning that because I have the belief that if it makes you happy and feel better about yourself then it is your right to do so, but I want people to start taking another look at themselves. This time though I wish to show them the reflection of their soul, of how they appear to others not by the way their outer body looks but by the aura they send out through their actions, words and beliefs. That’s where true beauty resides.


If you are looking for a place to come and be open with who you truly are or who you wish to be, please take the next step and give us a call or simply stop by and allow us to welcome you into our space of healing. We are here for you. There is no criticism or judgment here, only love and care for wanting to help you become the best possible version of yourself that you can be.


Imagine a new beginning, with unlimited possibilities. The potential to be whoever you want to be- in happiness, in love, in health and wealth. From this day forward your whole life is going to change in the best of ways. Together, we are going to find your true happiness, your passions, your beliefs, and your path to the life you’re meant to live. We are going to heal the wounds from the past and learn to let go; moving forward to live day by day in the present moment. One day at a time- in unity- through forgiveness, compassion, strength, and unconditional love. I’m so excited for you!

 “I’m starting over.

A new pattern of thoughts.

A new wave of emotions.

A new connection to the world.

A new belief system in myself.”

Xx Scripted Romance


What Our Clients Say About Us

I have been going to Jessica for three years for my eyelash extensions. Her skill and professionalism are unmatched. She takes great care of my own eyelashes while maintaining my extensions beautifully. They always look perfect! She is very accommodating with appointments and is always on time. Jessica has a lovely personality as well. The atmosphere in her shop is very peaceful and relaxing. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in eyelash extensions.

Carolyn Eden
Carolyn EdenClient

Jessica is very meticulous she has been doing my lashes for years now and I have very small eyes. She has a gift for knowing how to place each lash so perfectly to go beautifully with my almond shaped eyes. Jessica is also very accommodating with my busy schedule and she always works with me.

Kim Goodsen
Bodhi Society Client
I have been Jessica’s client for nearly 9 years, for a reason. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone in need of her services. Her new Spa-like facility is clean, attractive and relaxing. She possesses a very easy going personality, is caring, professional and a perfectionist at her craft. One of Sarasota’s best!
Paula T
Paula TClient
I have known Jessica Sweeney for over 4 years .. She is the most caring and loving person I know with a great business mind .. She has built her business with such professionalism.
She has a such flair for beauty ..  Everything thing she does reflects her beautiful heart ..
She always makes me feel beautiful and my lashes show it .. I love them and her ❤❤❤
Julie Jenkins
Julie JenkinsBodhi Society Client

Meet Our Team

Jessica is a licensed Aesthetician, Lash Stylist and Reiki Practitioner. With 10 years’ experience in the industry, she began her career working at Ulta for Benefit Cosmetics at their Brow Bar, with a focus on Eyebrow Artistry, as well as working with all prestige cosmetic lines. After receiving an amazing opportunity to expand her skills, she started working at The Waxing Studio & Spa in Buffalo, New York, where she specialized in full-body waxing and skin care services. After making a life changing decision to move, she left her career and clientele which she built in New York to venture into a new beginning, starting her life over here in beautiful sunny Sarasota, FL. She started off working with a business to gain experience in the area and from there was blessed with an opportunity to evolve with the beauty industry by becoming certified in eyelash extensions. For over six years now she has specialized specifically in eyelash extensions, building a business and following for her meticulous work and care for her clients offering the best lashes in Sarasota, FL.

“There is so much satisfaction in my work because not only am I able to provide the women of Sarasota with beautiful eyelash extensions but it is a simple, natural addition that enhances their beauty ever so slightly to make them just glow with happiness and confidence. When they leave my studio they walk out feeling better about themselves and relaxed, which makes me love what I do that much more.”

Now after having a solid business Jessica has decided to further her practice to incorporate new services which she will now be offering. For the past two years, on her free time, she has taken numerous certification classes in alternative healing. Including becoming Reiki certified, as well as classes ranging from ear candling, shifting energy with crystals, graphology (the process of analyzing handwriting), and cognitive behavioral therapy sessions where she learned to understand human emotions, analyze them and find the solution of overcoming challenges.

“My hope now is to be able to help others to overcome the daily challenges which they face. In school we are taught a range of everything from how to read and write to what’s right and wrong, but no one teaches us about Emotions. There’s no lesson on how to manage our emotions or how to understand what it is we are feeling and how to react to it. Through all my learning I wish to share these techniques I have developed and found work to change not only how we handle our emotions but in turn it changes who we are as a whole for the better. Learning Emotional Intelligence and Self-Awareness are two of the most powerful and life-changing lessons.”

Jessica Sweeney
Jessica Sweeney
Certified Lash Stylist & Esthetician

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